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Over one in four adults think working at home has made hearing worse - due to headphones

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Hindsight Report, which explores the nation’s relationship with earwax and its impact on our hearing. It comes after a 317% increase in earwax removal searches online, along with a 257% increase in people asking why their ear is clogged.Chief audiologist, Gordon Harrison, said: “This research highlights just how reliant the nation's home workers are on their headphones.“But it is important these items are used in moderation, as increased exposure can lead to a range of problems.“One of the most common is the build-up of earwax – which can lead to problems such as hearing loss and discomfort, as well as infection or even a perforated ear drum.“It seems many people have been searching for solutions and treating their wax problems at home, particularly during the pandemic.“But it is important to avoid putting anything in your ears that could push earwax further into your ear canal, and lead to impacted earwax and other problems.“That includes cotton buds, your finger, and other household objects that we know people use.

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