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New sighting of huge deep sea shark sparks debate about if Megalodon still exists

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shark has once again opened up the debate of whether the enormous prehistoric Megalodon shark is still alive in the deep ocean.The video shows what some have said appears to be a Common Sleeper Shark, deep sea scavengers and predators that can grow to an impressive 7 metres in length.

But even this massive creature would have been dwarfed by the Megalodon, as calculations drawn from fossilised teeth have estimated it could grow anywhere between 14 and 20 metres long.The species went extinct around 3million years ago, but many people still think it's possible that the creature could be lurking in the depths of the ocean where we can't see it.One wrote: “I think they went deeper into the seas like the giant squid which is why we never see them."Another added: “Our oceans are huge and there are vast areas that are still unexplored.

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