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Naked Attraction virgin eyes up biggest penis as he wants to 'go hard or go home'

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Naked Attraction viewers were left in stitches after a virgin contestant was seen eyeing up the largest penis and proclaiming he is "ripe and ready to go" When presented with the phallic buffet during the initial stages of the show, where six men’s genitalia were presented behind coloured booths, the professional dancer from Dorset was asked which penis appealed to him the most by host Anna Richardson.“I think we should go with yellow,” he said, with host Anna quipping back: “I love the fact that you’ve gone with pretty much the biggest penis first.”Fans were left in hysterics as the hilarious contestant replied: “Go hard or go home.”“Raheem is gagging for it.

Hilarious,” said one viewer on social media.Another agreed: “That Raheem is not messing about he’s here for some serious action LOLL.”The 28-year-old told viewers that he was was “looking for somebody that’s gunna make me laugh challenge be and treat me nasty in the bedroom.”He went on to explain that he’s had no luck on dating apps but proclaimed about his ability to perform in the bedroom that “she is tight, she’s right, she’s ready to go.”He also claimed it was “not a massive issue to be naked,” and that since his failure to find love in the real work “the next step is to get naked on national television and find yourself a date.’After eliminating three contestants, Raheem asked the remaining men to give him an example of their dirty talk.To which one contestant said: “if I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put D in U.”Raheem then had to explain to host Anna that the ‘D’ was in reference to his genitalia.Another hopeful offered up his best dirty talk, telling Raheem: “Can you handle chickens coz for me it looks like you’d be good with the co*k.”Totally stunned,.

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