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Naked Attraction contestant offends woman with his reason for not choosing her

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Naked Attraction guest offended a female contestant when he revealed the reason he rejected her.Contestant Chris starred on a repeat episode of the reality dating show, where he struggled to choose which of the six women on the line-up he wanted to send home.Host Anna Richardson had to try hurry Chris in his decision making and ended up telling him off for taking too long to make up his mind.READ MORE: Naked Attraction turns awkward as Anna Richardson tells off singleton on Channel 4 showUpon asking him why he rejected one of the girls, he said that her “boobs weren’t as ‘full’ as the other women on the line-up.”While exiting the set, the female contestant appeared to be offended and refused to give Chris a hug.In the end, Chris picked contestant Shauna to take on a date.The show has had its fair share of memorable moments over the years, with one contestant, who appeared on the show in June, looking for a partner to take his virginity.Dancer Raheem went onto the show with his motto on the forefront of his mind – “go big or go home”.He immediately made a beeline towards the contestant who had the largest manhood, with Anna saying: "I love the fact you've gone with pretty much the biggest penis first”.For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Raheem eventually chose this contestant to take on a date, hoping that it would lead to more.His date said: "I could not believe it when they said you were a virgin.

I was like, ‘What?' That's impressive, though. As in how you've refrained from the d*** for this long. That's amazing.”Raheem had previously said: "Do I want to lose my virginity to this man?

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