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Mum can only eat five foods in entire world after tiny bug bite she didn't even feel

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severe allergies to nearly every food group in existence.Summer Carroll, 33, from Alabama, United States, has a diet consisting of only five organic foods - black beans, frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, rolled oats and chicken.All the foods have to also be from a specific brand Greenwise, which is only available in some parts of the US.

If she eats anything else, it will trigger a serious allergic reaction, ending up in anaphylaxis. Summer's horrific health condition is the result of a tiny bug bite.

The condition called Alpha-gal syndrome, which is caught from the bite of a tick, makes people allergic to a particular sugar molecule found in most mammals.The allergy can also spread to dairy, gelatine as well as any products containing traces of animal products like medication.

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