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Mum asks why daughter is bullied for her 'very nice and common' name

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A mum has faced backlash after asking why her 12-year-old daughter was getting bullied for having a "very nice and common" name online.

In an anonymous post on Quora, the mum said her daughter's name was Kevin and people were quick to question the validity of the post, as many of them couldn't believe someone would actually name their little girl Kevin, the Mirror reports.The mum asked: "My 12-year-old daughter named Kevin says that people bully her for her name.

It's a very nice and common name, so why do people bully her?"On the off chance that the post wasn't a joke, several commenters also gave helpful advice that pointed out exactly why the mum's daughter might be getting picked on at school.One person said: "I wonder if this is a legitimate question or a troll question since it has been posted anonymously."Either way, my answer is: You know exactly why your daughter is being 'bullied' for her name.

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