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Moment Russian soldier is 'disintegrated' by bomb dropped from above by Ukrainian troops

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Twitter for showing a bomb being dropped "right on target" as it hit a Russian soldier.The footage was shared by @Cargo-200, an account dedicated to posting information from the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine War.In the clip, which has gained more than 8,800 views, the Kremlin troop was seen lying flat on his back on the ground, appearing to be injured as he was surrounded by rubble and tyres.READ MORE: Ukrainian fighters share graphic video of pigs eating dead Russian captainBut when the shot zooms out on him a large bomb comes into frame and falls directly on him, which the account described as being "right on target."Twitter users took to the replies describing the soldier's death as him being "disintegrated" or "vapourised.""Blew his socks off," another wrote.However, others were outraged and condemned the actions of the Ukrainian forces as they claim that as the man appears to be injured he shouldn't have been killed.One user wrote: "I should say to my replies, it "appears" that he is wounded and appears to be blood around him from the clip we can see."Still considered a non-combatant, no weapon, no threat.

War has rules." Another added: "If Russia is to be held for war crimes so must be with Ukraine. "Otherwise, we have nothing more than barbarism.

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