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Molly-Mae Hague begs fans not to come to her home as kids turn up for selfies

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Love Island star has understandably hit out at parents in a new YouTube video, in which she appeared worked up that strangers had driven to her £4million home.

In the video, posted this week, Molly-Mae, 23, revealed that a parent had driven their child to her mansion on their birthday. READ MORE: Molly-Mae Hague confesses she 'almost pooed herself' in Selfridges after burrito Sitting in her walk-in wardrobe, with her blonde hair in her trademark bun, Molly-Mae said she'd already filmed a "massive speech" about the incident, but decided not to go with that approach.The PrettyLittleThing creative director told the camera: "I just sat here and did a massive...

not a speech but I just went on one with myself for about 10 minutes about an annoying situation that just happened."But, then I realised, actually no we're just gonna move past it and act like it didn't happen."She said that her video wasn't about not wanting to take photos with fans or "being horrible", instead it was an attempt to try and keep her and Tommy's privacy.Molly said: "I'm just gonna say this once.

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