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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett launches new project writing and soundtracking his own horror story

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Metallica guitarist and passionate horror enthusiast Kirk Hammett has launched a new project, in which he soundtracks an eerie story he has penned comprised of fictional journal entries.On September 11, Hammett shared a link on social media to a TikTok video that pairs footage of a winding road with moody, fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

Alongside that, he linked to his Kirk Hammett Horrors Reddit page, in which he shares the first chapter of a story he’s called I Have to Get Rid of This Guitar I Found.The recording, Hammett explains, is designed to be looped while reading the story.

You can listen to that below:READ part one now ! #whereiswills #nosleep #nosleepreddit #rnosleep #ihavetogetridofthisguitarifound ♬ original sound – Kirkhammett The introduction for the first chapter – which is titled Crossroad Magic Blues – begins with a message from a character called Abigail Forte, who says she recently found a journal and a cassette of “very unusual field recordings” left by her brother, William “Wills” Forte, who has gone missing.“Seeing as the nature of these recordings seemed to push towards an evil energy, I sent the tape to a friend to help me understand the music, who in turn sent it to guitarist Kirk Hammett,” Forte says. “We have decided that while we cannot allow the actual sounds from the cassette to be released, we can share renditions of the music.”She continues: “Kirk Hammett has agreed to quickly transpose the less complex portions of the cassette while keeping the integrity of the original field recordings intact.

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