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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Reunion Revelations: Zanab Accuses Cole of Body-Shaming, Nancy Claims Bartise Moved On Days After Wedding

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Things were tense between exes at the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion. Both Zanab Jaffrey and Nancy Rodriguez weren’t afraid to call out their former fiancés — Cole Barnett and Bartise Bowden, respectively — when the group gathered for the Wednesday, November 9, special.After turning Cole down at the altar, Zanab dropped a series of allegations about her former partner that didn’t air on the Netflix series — with the help of her female costars.“I think so many things happened off camera.

He’s, like, likable when you’re watching it and just knowing what I know … it’s hard because I think Zay is such an incredible, incredible woman,” Alexa Alfia said.After cohost Vanessa Lachey inquired for more information, Raven Ross brought up the “body-shaming” and what went down at the boy’s bachelor party.“Wait, what?

I got a girl’s number at the bachelor party?” Cole responded, denying the story as Zanab insisted that he was the one who told her about his indiscretion.“You’re the one who told me that the night before our wedding. … I saw you before the wedding and you told me.

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