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‘Will be missed’ Lucy Verasamy bids farewell to ITV colleague after 'three decades'
@JonMitchellITV presents his last. “Enjoy it if you can, Jon.”In response, Lucy wrote: “After over 3 decades(!) presenting the weather. READ MORE: “The most modest, knowledgeable @JonMitchellITV will be missed.”Jon regularly shares photos sent in by his viewers during the forecasts on his show. He has a loyal following of fans and is due to retire after tonight’s show. The broadcaster from Yorkshire is best known for catchphrases: “Look up it’s free,” and “Enjoy it if you can”, hence the broadcaster’s quip on Twitter. Christine Talbot, who presented the show alongside Jon before leaving last year, shared her best and most fond memories with the star. “We’ve presented in all sorts of weather conditions, gales, snowstorms from the top of the ITV building holding onto straps,” said Christine in an exclusive video for The Yorkshire Post.“It’s probably a health and safety nightmare - and we’ve all presented from bed together.“It was absolutely so ridiculous I can’t remember why we were doing it now."She was a part of ITV’s longest-standing broadcasting partnerships alongside co-star Duncan Wood who left Calendar in May.Together with Jon, the trio were dubbed the “three amigos.”Christine added: “You’re such a true professional, you’re a real proper meteorologist who knows his stuff, we’ve learned a lot from you as well about different types of weather conditions.
Inside Victoria Wood's will - family, charitable trusts, but no mention of ex-husband - - Britain - county Wood - Lake - Victoria, county Wood
Inside Victoria Wood's will - family, charitable trusts, but no mention of ex-husband
BAFTAs, as an actress, writer and all-round entertainer.Victoria started her long-running career in 1974 by winning the talent show New Faces aged 20, before going on to become one of Britain's most popular stand-up comics.The Money actress, who died of cancer in April 2016 aged 62, did work for Sport Relief and helped raise money and awareness of cancer less than two years before her death.The BBC star left half of her fortune to a charitable trust and the rest was split amongst family.In honour of what would have been the star's 69th birthday, Daily Star have looked inside Victoria Wood's will.Victoria left half of her fortune to charity and the rest was spread amongst friends and family, but that didn't include ex-husband Geoffrey Durham.She was married to the comedy magician, 72, better known as the "Great Soprendo" for 22 years and it is believed he was by her side when she passed away.The screenwriter handed over her £4m home in Highgate, North London to her two children, Grace, 33, and Henry, 30, along with her diaries, letters and photos, which she requested were kept private.Grace and Henry also received her her cottage in the Lake District, which she stated should not be sold "so long as it's enjoyed by family." Between £2,000 to £25,000 were given to 10 of her closest friends, which included two godchildren.The New Faces star left a large sum of her fortune to fund the Victoria Wood Charitable Trust which supports various causes like helping young and disabled people, tackling poverty and promoting arts and culture.She also gave £50,000 to her sisters Penelope and Rosalind and brother Chris Foote Wood.Chris, 81, sparked controversy shortly before the contents of his sister's will was released after he
William Roache - Ken Barlow - Rita Sullivan - Coronation Street Dennis Tanner star's life - soap exit, record holder and pop career - - Britain - county Bristol - county Wood - Victoria, county Wood
Coronation Street Dennis Tanner star's life - soap exit, record holder and pop career
Coronation street - with his appearance surprising both viewers and Weatherfield residents.He returned to the street on this day in 2011 (May 12), after 43 years away from the soap - with Dennis Tanner actor Philip Lowrie remaining on Coronation Street for a further three years before departing once more.To mark the anniversary of Dennis Tanner's return to the cobbles, Daily Star takes a look inside the life of actor Philip Lowrie - from connections to Victoria Wood to a hidden popstar career.Philip Lowrie was one of the Coronation Street OGs when the soap began on December 9, 1960 - but he originally auditioned for the part of Ken Barlow, before William Roache was offered the role.Instead, Philip was cast as the cobbles first bad-boy Dennis Tanner, with the character fresh out of a six-month stint in prison and hoping to embark on a career as a talent manager and a singer.During his time on the cobbles, a future fan favourite was also introduced as an acquaintance of Dennis' - the lovable Rita Littlewood - later known as Rita Sullivan, who famously ran the cobble's newsagents for many years when she joined the soap as a permanent character in 1972.Two years after joining the soap, Philip shared a similarity with his on-screen counterpart when he decided to embark on a career as a pop star.In 1963, he recorded a single called I Might Have Known at London's famous Abbey Road Studios, but the song failed to reach the UK charts.It is reported that his pop star career did not take off and he continued to play Dennis Tanner until Philip decided to leave Coronation Street in 1968.Dennis was written out of the series after his character left for a new job in Bristol alongside wife Jenny Sutton - and it would be many years