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Paul McCartney's wild life - near jail sentence, deportation and wife's tragic death
Glastonbury on Saturday.The singer-songwriter who turned age 80 last week, is about to make history books as he prepares to headline the most iconic festival in the UK.Paul, who was one of the main leading forces in The Beatles during their peak in the 1960s, is lingering up once more for a show-stopping performance like no other - as he takes to the legendary Pyramid stage this weekend.READ NEXT: Sharon Stone opens up on the loss of nine children miscarriage in heartbreaking postThe psychedelic band member who has stormed that charts for decades has proved to be unstoppable of recent - having celebrated a landmark birthday last week and hitting the record books at Glasto this week.With Paul very much still a legend in the eyes of many musicians and festival goers alike, we wanted to mark his momentous performance this week with a glance at his wild life.On June 18, 1942 a star was literally born in Walton, Liverpool.However, avid Beetles fans will know that his first name is not actually Paul.The talented musician had been named after his father James but as life at home became complicated with duplication, his parents opted to call him by his middle name, Paul - and I guess they say the rest is history!His mother Mary, who was a straight-laced catholic, tragically passed at just 47 after battling cancer - which led Paul to throw himself into music.It has been reported that Mary was the inspiration behind one of Paul's very first melody's I've Lost My Little Girl -with the lyrics bing very telling about their relationship.By sheer chance, in 1957 Paul happened to meet John Lennon during a visit to village Fete in Woolton - with Paul showcasing his cord skills on the guitar and later being invited to join the band, The
My I (I) - Geordie bloke's 'cursed' typo tattoo so bad removal clinic blocked his number - - county Walton
Geordie bloke's 'cursed' typo tattoo so bad removal clinic blocked his number
"cursed" tattoo on his back is desperate to get rid - but is struggling after a removal clinic blocked him.Christian Walton's embarrassing tattoo was part of an appearance on MTV show "Just Tattoo Of Us", in 2018 with pal Megan Green, where the 23-year-old received his terrible ink job.Since then, the typo tattoo, which reads "My First Tatoo", has plagued Walton, from Newcastle, who is trying to have his embarrassing gaffe removed from his back.But the removal has proven harder than expected, with a clinic blocking his number after thinking the terrible tattoo was a bad joke.Enquiring with Laserways Clinic, the tattooed 23-year-old sent through a photo of his humiliating tattoo and was subsequently blocked after the clinic assumed Walton was joking about the state of his terrible body art.Walton, who took to Facebook to explain the bizarre situation, was contacted by someone heading in for laser treatment with the clinic and was told they would ask about the curt response he received to his unique tattoo.The 23-year-old said: "She said she'd ask about me. She said the guy thought I was taking the p**s and that he thought I was a competitor trying to figure out prices."It was further bad news for Walton, who was told by a clinician that there was "too much colour" in his tattoo for there to be laser treatment options available to him.Walton added: "He said there was too much colour in my tattoo for him to do laser treatment on it."Since I didn't have any luck getting an appointment, I might just leave it be for now.