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Tumble dryer hack 'saves you lots of money and energy' claims expert
money" by reducing energy bills.Wades, an appliances shop in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, often gives tips to customers via its social media pages.In a video, the owner explains the benefit of using a modern type of tumble dryer that recycles heat and drys clothes more efficiently but slightly slower.He says: "A heat pump tumble dryer is going to save you a lot of money especially when the energy prices are skyrocketing at the minute.Explaining the "three types" of tumble dryer, he says you have vented ones, a condenser, and a heat pump."The heat that's produced from a heat pump gets recycles, put through some filters, and put back in to dry your laundry and it keeps recycling that heat," he explains.Pointing to a traditional tumbler dryer on the shelf behind, he adds: "This one will just create the heat, expel it, and create more heat."While the heat pump dryer runs at 50°C, the traditional one is 70°C and dries clothes faster but at a greater cost in terms of energy.For the same volume of clothes, the heat pump takes 196 minutes versus 129 minutes for the standard tumble dryer.The video was watched more than 35,000 times since being uploaded on Wednesday (April 13) and viewers debated the merits of different laundry drying methods.One person commented: "I replaced my old condenser tumble dryer with a heat pump one and I love it."A second argued: "Takes a lot longer to dry clothes I hate mine I’m just too old meh.""Er a clothes line is a lot cheaper than any of em," commented someone else.Another suggested: "Washing line when not raining.