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Tom Cruise - Ethan Hunt - Flock of sheep force Tom Cruise to halt Mission: Impossible 8 filming – can ewe believe it? - - Lake - county Hunt
Flock of sheep force Tom Cruise to halt Mission: Impossible 8 filming – can ewe believe it?
Tom Cruise is ready for anything on set but he probably didn’t expect a flock of sheep to grind Mission: Impossible 8 filming to a halt.The cast and crew(e) would have been forgiven for being a bit sheepish as things went a bit pear-sheeped during a shoot in the Lake District for the upcoming blockbuster.No, we’re not making any apologies for our baa-d puns.Thankfully, Tom – who plays Ethan Hunt in the blockbuster action franchise – appeared to be in good spirits as the woolly locals wandered in, leading to a pause on location to give them a safe passage through.Let’s be honest, maybe the four-legged friends just wanted to meet the Top Gun legend – or even land a cameo to give them a shot at becoming the next Shaun the Sheep?It all went down when a crew member opened a gate letting the huge flock past the set, with local walkers having to back off from the gate as they came flowing through.In another awkward moment, the shoot was stopped again when two microlight aircraft passed directly over the set, which means the movie’s two helicopters needed to touch down in an adjacent field until it was safe to take flight again.Thankfully, Tom was still able to nail his takes, living up to his reputation for throwing himself into every stunt.Here, he was pictured in a helicopter performing a corkscrews towards the ground as he performed a tight downward spin, pulling himself up at the last minute before landing safely in front of the crew.In another shot, the 60-year-old actor was spotted mid-air sporting a blue parachute as he fell to the ground.He’s currently working on the second part of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, with the first edition due in July 2023, and part two coming the following summer.Meanwhile, it’s not
Story of Eminem's Slim Shady album - failed chef, daughter lie and dual lawsuits - - USA - Detroit - county Lynn - county Hunt
Story of Eminem's Slim Shady album - failed chef, daughter lie and dual lawsuits
Eminem's second studio album The Slim Shady LP was released 23 years ago.The 20-track record dropped on February 23, 1999 and changed the landscape of rap music forever, as well as the life of the then 24-year-old Marshall Mathers.The failed chef, who had been fired from his cooking job at Gilbert's Lodge in Detroit before the album's launch, garnered critical and commercial acclaim.The Slim Shady debuted at No2 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US and proved hugely popular, remaining on the chart for 100 weeks.It also picked up the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, with Eminem also taking home Best Rap Solo Performance for his Slim Shady track My Name Is.Here's the unbelievable story behind The Slim Shady.Eminem is today worth millions of pounds but his life before the release of The Slim Shady LP is almost unrecognisable.While working on the record, the 49-year-old rapper was working as a cook at Gilbert's Lodge in Detroit for $5.50 (£4) an hour, trying to support his young daughter Hailie.To let off steam, the fledging artist would share lyrics from the forthcoming album with his co-workers, including the lyrics to the famously dark Slim Shady track '97 Bonnie & Clyde.The song details a fictional conversation of Eminem talking to his daughter Hailie as he disposes of her mother Kim's corpse after killing her.Of her reaction to being played the track by Eminem, Gilbert's waitress Lynn Hunt previously told LA Times: "I told him it was morbid killing your baby's mother.
Gethin Jones - Kym Marsh - Itv - Natasha Raskin Sharp makes 'guilty' admission with husband she met behind scenes at BBC - express - Scotland - county Hunt
Natasha Raskin Sharp makes 'guilty' admission with husband she met behind scenes at BBC
BBC when the TV presenter joined Bargain Hunt in 2013, and where Joe works as a producer and director.The pair started dating and got married in 2016 at a small ceremony in Scotland.While chatting to the broadcaster about her relationship, Natasha admitted there's one thing the pair love to do."My partner and I are guilty of eating out too much!"Glasgow has so many great restaurants, too much of my spare time is spent eating delicious food and not enough time is spent working it off in the gym."Joe has worked on Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, as well as The Great Hotel Escape on Channel 4.He also helped produce The Big Painting Challenge on BBC One in 2018.According to his IMDB page, the producer continues to be a key member of the team at Antiques Road Trip.But when he isn't working hard behind the camera, Joe is spending time with his wife of six years.Natasha tends to keep quiet about her private life, only using social media to update fans on show news, preferring to leave her loved ones out of the spotlight.Elsewhere, she also revealed something about herself in a profile interview with the BBC, where she talked of collecting "weird animal trinkets".The daughter of well-known Scottish artist Philip Raskin, also revealed how savvy she really is when it comes to antiques and bargain, and opened up about it to Gethin Jones and Kym Marsh on Morning Live back in November.She explained: "Well, [that moment] certainly sticks out because what I did was I broke a very basic rule."I brought something the team didn't want, behind their back!"She continued: "I don't know why I did that – it was a very busy day on Portobello Road, but thankfully, it turned a profit."James in the studio would be very pleased as