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'Personable' Princess Anne praised for getting the train rather than royal cars
Princess Anne enjoys a quiet life out of the spotlight and it has now emerged she often favours train rides rather than being driven around.Celebrity interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has opened up about his encounters with members of The Royal Family who live in close proximity to his home in Gloucester.Anne, 72, has recently been praised by Brits for her strength over the past 11 days since the death of her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.READ NEXT:Prince Philip scolded Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in brutal no-nonsense swipeThe Princess Royal accompanied the late Sovereign on her final journey from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace before her coffin was taken to Windsor Castle.Praising Anne, Laurence exclusively aid: "She lives quite near us and I occasionally share a train with her."I find her very switched on and so personable, she always remembers everybody and everything about everybody."This however isn't Laurence's only encounter with members of The Royal Family as he previously revealed that he was scolded by Prince Philip.He had designed part of the flooring at Buckingham Palace but it appears the Duke who died in April 2021, aged 99, was not impressed.Laurence said: "There was a bit in the corner, it was right at the beginning of my career."It was obviously something I was extremely proud of and I remember my family was very proud."I remember many years later, standing in that position with the Duke of Edinburgh because we were part of the Cutty Sark Trust, he was the main man and I was the celebrity patron."He continued: "Just trying to find something to say, we were waiting for people to arrive and I said 'you know sir, I designed the floor that used to be here.'"He had his hands behind his back, he rocks
Wannabee arsonist sets themselves on fire while trying to torch house with kid inside - - county Bristol - county Gloucester
Wannabee arsonist sets themselves on fire while trying to torch house with kid inside
trying to set fire to a house with a kid inside of it ended up setting fire to himself.Dramatic footage showed the wannabe arsonist attempting to torch the home of a young family and subsequently leaving a trail of flames down the street after lighting himself on fire.Police shared the shocking footage online following the attack, which took place at 11:11pm on Sunday night (September 18) in Gloucester, along Bristol Road.READ MORE: 'Bleach mum' sentenced to death after poisoning children for social media donationsVideo footage showed the would-be arsonist pouring petrol through the letterbox and then setting it on fire before fleeing the scene, with the flames catching the bumbling arsonist.The footage further shows the bloke shaking his hands and the container of fuel about the place as he flees from the scene and disappears out of frame.A young family and a child were inside the targeted house but thankfully no injuries were reported and the fire was quickly extinguished by the owners.Police are treating the incident as arson with intent to endanger life and are currently attempting to identify the man in the video.A police spokesperson said: "Petrol was put through the letterbox of the home of a young family with a child inside and set alight."The footage then shows the suspect running away along Alma Terrace.
Angry emu joins chase for driver as he fled scene of dramatic town centre crash - - county Gloucester
Angry emu joins chase for driver as he fled scene of dramatic town centre crash
crashing his car after he was by a very large emu bird.Having fled from the scene of the crash in Malmesbury, where he swerved into a shop front and landed at around a 90 degree angle from the roadside, the giant bird chased him as he fled through nearby fields, forests and gardens.The odd chase lasted around 15 minutes.READ MORE: Inside ‘horror’ festival where 'bloodied' revellers left on a bus ‘like a war hospital’It later turned out that the man was also chased by the executive chef of the Malmesbury Old Bell Hotel, known only as Dean.According to local reports, they ran out of town and into a farm, which keeps exotic animals.One witness says the pair came face to face with a mother emu protecting her young.Wiltshire police caught up and arrested him before he came to any harm, as emus can kill humans if provoked enough.Dean, who also happens to be a fisherman, said: “The mother obviously felt threatened and proceeded to attack him.''I'm a fisherman, and I have been around swans when they are with their young and I know how protective mother birds are so I thought, there's no way I'm going in there.“They are massive.”The incident took place yesterday (July 25) on Gloucester Street, Malmesbury, Wiltshire.A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “At around 12.30pm today (July 25) we received a call about a single-vehicle collision in Gloucester Street, Malmesbury, where a vehicle had collided with the front of a building.“The driver and passenger of the vehicle were seen to leave the scene, so officers carried out a search of the local area.“They have both now been detained and enquiries are ongoing.”It was not made clear how the man or police managed to evade the angry emu, or just how big the bird was.To get more stories
Kevin Spacey - Rosemary Ainslie - Itv - Kevin Spacey to 'voluntarily appear' in UK court over sexual assault charges - express - Britain - London - county Gloucester
Kevin Spacey to 'voluntarily appear' in UK court over sexual assault charges
Two of the alleged incidents took place in March 2005 in London against one man, and a third sexual assault allegedly took place in August 2008 against a second man.The fourth sexual assault is alleged to have taken place in April 2013 in Gloucestershire against the third man, the PA agency said.The decision to authorise charges against the actor came from "evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation," said Rosemary Ainslie, Head of the Crown Prosecution Service Special Crime Division.Rosemary added the agency "reminds all concerned that criminal proceedings against Mr.Spacey are active and that he has the right to a fair trial."Unrelated sexual misconduct allegations first surfaced against Kevin in 2017.The full statement read: "The CPS has authorised criminal charges against Kevin Spacey, 62, for four counts of sexual assault against three men."The CPS has also authorised one charge of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent."The authority to charge follows a review of the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation."The Crown Prosecution Service reminds all concerned that criminal proceedings against Mr Spacey are active and that he has the right to a fair trial," she added.It comes after the case was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service 13 months ago.In 2019, the actor was interviewed under caution by the Met where he addressed a number of allegations between 1996 and 2013 which were said to have taken place in London and Gloucester.He wasn't arrested at the time.Since the allegations came up, Kevin has kept a low profile.He has appeared in only two films since the allegations, including The Billionaires Boys Club and Bilo Jednom u