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Mia Khalifa - Horny dog caught humping ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa ‘knows what he’s doing’ fans joke - - Britain - county Lee - city Beirut
Horny dog caught humping ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa ‘knows what he’s doing’ fans joke
Instagram users in stitches after Mia Khalifa filmed him humping her leg.The ex-porn star posted the video after also uploading nine photographs of herself on the social media platform.The series of shots quickly racked up 700,000 likes after being posted on Monday (October 3) afternoon with fans quickly focussing on the footage of the horny pooch.READ MORE: Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa says no one warned her of worst thing about British seasideJenna Lee, another Pornhub favourite, was one of the first to comment on the Instagram post, declaring: "It's the last slide for me."One of Mia's fans, meanwhile, joked: "Dog knows what he's doing", while a second added: "Wish I was the dog."In the first of the Beirut-born beauty's pictures, she is snapped taking a seductive selfie in a revealing, see-through white dress.The second shot also captures her in another selfie pose – this time peering over a pair of sunglasses.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.In the third, she is seen standing up next to a sofa in a pink Puma tracksuit with her midriff on display.The fourth has her back taking a selfie in a marble hallway.In the fifth, she looks to be enjoying a spa facial treatment in a white dressing gown with jewellery and tattoos on show as she smiles into her mobile phone again.The sixth sees her back in the pink tracksuit, bra-less and stood on one leg.In the seventh, she returns to the hallway for another selfie and, in the eighth, she is back looking after her skin, treating any dark circles around her eyes with another spa treatment as her hair is tied back in bunches.The ninth photo is a close-up of her bejewelled hand with a cigarette between her fingers before
James Martin - Itv - Dom Joly beat 'divorce tour' myth with wife Stacey on family holiday - but 'got shot at' - express - Britain - France - Switzerland - city Budapest - Serbia - Lebanon - city Istanbul - city Beirut
Dom Joly beat 'divorce tour' myth with wife Stacey on family holiday - but 'got shot at' asked Dom in the 2018 about his most memorable holiday.He replied: "Recently I took my wife and kids on a road trip to Istanbul and back."Everybody said it would be a divorce tour, but we actually had a blast."We got shot at by a policeman in Serbia and left our passports behind in a hotel safe in Budapest but otherwise it all went rather well."We do a family road trip every Easter - I think it's good for the soul."Dom joins James Martin on his Saturday Morning show today, not for the first time.The comedian made an appearance in February and used the opportunity to hit back at the chef in a back and forth tease.James asked: "Tell us about growing up in Lebanon."Dom began: "Well, I think growing up in Lebanon kind of explains a lot of why I do a lot of confusing things, because it's a confusing place."So I grew up there because my parents lived there, obviously, but it was an English family, and we'd been there for two generations for reasons that are way too complicated to explain."And when I was a tiny kid, Lebanon was pretty much the perfect place in the world, it was called 'Switzerland of the Middle East'."It was like living in the South of France, pine trees, Beirut was amazing, food is incredible, skiing an hour away, beach an hour away."Then, just as I got to an age where I was going to enjoy it, the whole place just exploded, civil war, and so I grew up in a really weird kind of schizophrenic life."Half of my school holidays, I was in a civil war, and then I'd be at a boarding school in England for school, and both were equally weird," he explained.James interrupted and asked: "Isn't it right that you went to school with Bin Laden?"Teasing James, he said: "Well, you're ruining my best story in my
Putin's tank-mounted nukes carry double the power of Beirut blast, warns expert - - Ukraine - Russia - city Beirut
Putin's tank-mounted nukes carry double the power of Beirut blast, warns expert
Russia "doesn't care about killing civilians" and could use the full might of its battlefield nukes to wreak devastation on Ukraine.Military analyst Justin Crump, who is CEO of Sibylline Ltd, told BBC News Russia began the invasion with the "wrong mindset" and we could now see a change in tactics.The expert also warned Russia could arm its giant 2S7 Pion heavy artillery – that boasts guns equal in size to the ones on HMS Belfast – with nuclear ammunition.In the interview on Friday (March 4) he says: "They came in for what they thought was a peacekeeping task and I think they were told civilians would be laying down flowers in front of their tanks – obviously that didn't happen."That's not really how the Russian military is optimised to work, it's designed to be a brutal weapon, and they have moved to that now."The way they are looking at things is much more dangerous now. They haven't got as far as deliberately targeting civilians but they don't care if civilians are in the way."Describing how Russia could ramp up its aggression, he continues: "Things like the 2S7 artillery piece, it's the largest piece in the Russian arsenal, it's the biggest vehicle they have, about the size of one of the guns of HMS Belfast."It's a naval gun, essentially, on a land platform and they upgraded them in 2019, we're beginning to think there may have been a reason for that.