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Serj Tankian - System Of A Down rally support amid Azerbaijan’s “evil aggression” against Armenia - - Russia - Eu - Armenia - Azerbaijan
System Of A Down rally support amid Azerbaijan’s “evil aggression” against Armenia
System Of A Down have condemned the “evil aggression” against their home country Armenia in the wake of a recent bombing that took place along the nation’s eastern border.According to the Associate Press, the border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan have killed at least 155 troops on both sides (105 Armenian soldiers and 50 Azerbaijan, it is reported).The two countries have been in conflict for decades, but the latest outbreak of fighting is said to be biggest in almost two years.SOAD – all of whom are of Armenian descent – were at the forefront of campaigning for recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915, and have continued with their efforts speak up for the nation amid ongoing unrest.Responding to the most recent round of aggression, System Of A Down have issued a statement on social media.“Around midnight on the 12th of September 2022, forces of Azerbaijan led by its corrupt petro-oligarchic leader Aliyev attacked Armenia’s whole eastern border bombing civilian infrastructure and homes,” the message began.Please repost or retweet this message and use the hashtags #Armenia #StandWithArmenia— System Of A Down (@systemofadown) September 14, 2022“Their goal is to terrorise Armenians and gain more concessions from Armenia along with regime change in one of the few democracies in the whole region. This is 2 years after they attacked Nagorno-Karabagh in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the region of Armenians.“They have been emboldened by the EU’s ill perceived dependency on their natural gas and a perceived weakened Russian hegemon in the region.”It continued: “As a band, we have always done our best to entertain and inform.
Fire chief’s aide axed for secretly recording racy sex tapes at work on hidden camera - - Azerbaijan
Fire chief’s aide axed for secretly recording racy sex tapes at work on hidden camera
fire service boss has been sacked after secretly recording his racy encounters with a uniformed woman at work.One of the steamy sex tapes was leaked on social media and quickly went viral, prompting authorities to launch an ‘intensive investigation’ on August 18.Colonel Zaur Mirzayev worked as an aide to the head of Azerbaijan's national firefighting service but has since been axed from his position.READ MORE: Doctor slammed by PT for claiming women masturbation 'causes weight gain'The Prosecutor-General's Office said the video recently shows a uniformed man locking his office door at the Emergency Situations Ministry before kissing and fondling a similarly uniformed woman.Mirzayev, an assistant to the chief of the Emergency Situations Ministry's State Fire Protection Service, has since been detained.He is suspected of criminal offences including abuse of office, the illegal distribution of pornographic materials, and violations of privacy.According to authorities believe Mirzayev "installed a hidden camera on his service computer" and acted "with the dirty personal intention of satisfying his sexual desire" and feeding "other addictions."Between 2013 and 2019 prosecutors said he "took video and photo shoots while having sexual intercourse and other forms of intimate relations in the office, and caused the illegal pornographic materials to spread on the Internet in August 2022."Keep up to date with all the latest news stories. By signing up for one of Daily Star's free newsletters here.The timestamp on the viral video suggests it was recorded in 2014.