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Antonio Conte - Thomas Tuchel - Football match descends into huge 22-man brawl making Tuchel and Conte look like lightweights - - county Rock - Paraguay - Austin
Football match descends into huge 22-man brawl making Tuchel and Conte look like lightweights
Thomas Tuchel versus Antonio Conte was feisty, just wait until you see what happened in Paraguay last night.Hours after the handbags between Chelsea and Tottenham, the Paraguayan Superclasico between Olimpia and Cerro Porteno descended into total chaos with an almighty brawl breaking out between the two sides.It all kicked off when Cerro Porteno's Federico Carrizo hit opponent Fernando Cardozo with a stiff uppercut-like forearm to the face after being cynically dragged off the ball. Olimpia captain Richard Ortiz then rushes over and begins grappling with Carrizo, before players and substitutes from both sides pile in to join the mayhem.READ MORE: Tuchel and Conte 'set for WrestleMania' joke fans in Rock and Austin WWE homagePolice were eventually roped in to break everything up, but not before a couple of red cards were handed out - one to instigator Carrizo and the other to Olimpia's Alejandro Silva.The bedlam got a fair bit of attention on social media, especially in light of the scuffle between Tuchel and Conte."Premier League fans: What could possibly be worse than the fights we saw at Chelsea-Tottenham today? Paraguayan Superclásico: Hold my beer," one person tweeted.What's the worst on-field brawl you've ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments section below."Seems like it wasn't just Tuchel and Conte who woke up and chose violence today," commented another, while a third user said: "Sensational stuff, makes the Chelsea Tottenham stuff look a bit pathetic."It comes after Tuchel and Conte clashed several times during the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge.Chelsea took the lead through Kalidou Koulibaly before Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg brought the visitor's level.
Liberty Media - Formula One's difficult United States history includes 'worst track ever' - - USA - Miami - Las Vegas - state Nevada - city Sin - Austin
Formula One's difficult United States history includes 'worst track ever'
Formula One owners Liberty Media as they push the product in the United States.Miami joins Austin on the calendar, with two races in the United States this season, and that number is due to rise to three next season with the introduction of a night race in Las Vegas.F1's popularity stateside has boomed following Netflix's Drive To Survive series and it's market importance is highlighted by the fact that the United States will have more Grand Prix races than some continents have combined, though it's not necessarily an easy nut to crack.It's not that motorsport isn't popular in the US, with IndyCar and NASCAR extremely successful, but the fact that there have been 10 different United States venues for Formula One races tells the story itself - and one of those venues is remembered for all the wrong reasons.While there is significant excitement about the addition of a Las Vegas street race next year, it won't be the first time that Formula One has taken centre stage in Sin City as there was a two-season period from 1981 that saw F1 held in the Caesar's Palace car park.Flat, repetitive and taking place in a car park, the Caesar's Palace Grand Prix was an unmitigated disaster and is widely renowned for being one of the worst venues that Formula One has ever raced at - with additional problems due to an anti-clockwise circuit that put significant strain on driver's necks and the soaring Nevada heat.In the first race in 1981, Nelson Piquet clinched the title with a fifth-placed finish but required 15 minutes to recover from heat exhaustion and intense heat was also a feature of the 1982 race, won by Michele Alboreto, which proved to be the last of F1's failed Las Vegas venture.With the attraction only drawing in tiny crowds,