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Lisa Snowdon 'buried' domestic abuse after traumatic relationship: 'That was a shock'

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“And then I did something, I think, in lockdown - lockdown did a lot for us.“There was a lot of negative, but there was also quite a lot of positive for me like the menopause conversation.Lisa went on: “I felt brave to start talking about that much more openly then.“And I definitely did something on the domestic violence and the pain and the hurt that I'd been through.”Lisa is now happily engaged to her fiancé George Smart, who proposed in 2017.The pair were due to get married in Japan in 2020, but the ceremony was cancelled due to the pandemic.As well as opening up on her previous experience, Lisa has also recently become an advocate for female health issues.Speaking to, the television and radio presenter shared details about her own health history and how she maintains her wellbeing.When asked about any previous health woes, if any, Lisa explained: “I’ve had a few issues.

A few things that have come up.“I have had a few surgeries. I had a hernia removed when I was seven, my tonsils removed when I was 17, my appendix removed when I was 28.

And then I was fine for a good stretch of time.“Then I got admitted to hospital for meningitis and glandular fever.So I was a bit poorly, then and it had a bit of a knock-on effect with my energy levels and my brain concentration."The broadcaster went on: “Obviously, your brain swells up when you have meningitis and, so, there were a few years where I felt different – like I had to conserve my energy and know when enough was enough.“And then I had Covid twice.So other than that I have been pretty fit and healthy… Although it doesn’t sound like it!

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