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Linda Nolan addresses calls for Damehood as Deborah James honoured for cancer campaigning

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cancer charities this week.Linda shared her thoughts on the prospect of a possible Damehood in view of her 22,600 Twitter followers today.

The Nolans star was responding to a tweet from Josephine Wilcox, who shared an article announcing Deborah James’ well-deserved Damehood for her valiant campaigning for bowel cancer awareness.Josephine wrote: “How come you and your sister haven’t got one when you’ve been campaigning for cancer yet other people get one? “Dame Linda and Dame Anne?” she suggested.The Irish singer replied: “No idea, but one reason would be as we’re Irish citizens, the Palace has to ask the Irish Government for permission first!”“More like she's heard how much trouble you lot are,” Graham joked in reference to the Queen, sparking laughter from Linda.

In 2006, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a single mastectomy and was later given the all-clear in 2011. However, doctors discovered a form of incurable secondary breast cancer on her pelvis in 2017 and she underwent further radiotherapy.

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