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Keep slugs out of your home this winter with these four easy tips

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The chilly winter temperatures mean outdoor critters are migrating into homes to escape the cold and wet weather - and this includes slugs.At this time of year, Brits are noticing an increasing presence of the slimy creature in their homes as online searches for ways to 'keep slugs out of your house' have jumped by 300 per cent, reports Wales Online.Slugs live in outdoor spaces and it is not recommended to try and keep them out of your garden entirely.

While they are known to munch on plants, they are still considered wildlife. However, there are ways you can keep them from sliding into your houses.Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon have shared their four top tips that will help you to humanely keep slugs at bay this rainy season.1.

Seal All Cracks And Gaps - Grab a couple of tubes of sealant - which can be purchased at any DIY shop - and use it to fill in any spaces a slug could crawl through like cracks in the floor, baseboards, corners, windowsills, or even in the ceiling.The tougher it is for slugs to get in, the more likely they will give up and move on to another location and this will halt any potential invasions.2.

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