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‘Kaepernick & America’ Documentary Set for September VOD Release (EXCLUSIVE)

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Angelique Jackson The documentary “Kaepernick & America,” which examines the remarkable conflict stirred by former NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s sideline protest, will begin streaming on demand on Fri.

Sept. 2.Directed by Tommy Walker (“Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am,” “God Grew Tired of Us”) and Ross Hockrow (“Born Strong,” “Finding Giannis”), the documentary made its debut at Tribeca as one of the film festival’s online premieres.In a statement, Walker explained he was personally captivated the Kaepernick saga and what insights they gleaned about America’s ongoing racial turmoil as they explored the intersection between his protest in the summer of 2016 and the widespread reactions they spurred. “The film we have made seeks to discover the parallels between the life and activism of Colin Kapaernick and the tumultuous and divisive factors that have colored America’s racial divide,” Walker stated. “It is only partly about Kaepernick, as it actually reveals more about America, the land that reacted so profoundly to such a simple gesture.”He continued: “Kaepernick’s protest held up a mirror to a large portion of the public and millions didn’t like what they saw.

The young man stood his ground in the face of the brutal backlash, continuing his protest for 20 consecutive weeks. Somehow, with his right knee on the field and his arms passively crossed in front of him, he managed to point a finger at injustice without saying a word.”“Kaepernick & America” includes conversations with Don Lemon, DeRay Mckesson, Pam Oliver, Steve Wyche, Nate Boyer, Hue Jackson, and April Dinwoodie.

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