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Jessica Chastain And Eddie Redmayne On Finding Humanity In Their Serial Killer Film ‘The Good Nurse’ — Toronto

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Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne passed through the Toronto Film Festival Monday morning where they discussed their true-crime thriller The Good Nurse.The film centers on Amy Loughren (Chastain), a nurse who starts to believe that her colleague Charlie Cullen (Redmayne) is responsible for a series of mysterious patient deaths and risks her own life to uncover the truth.“The thing I liked so much about the film is that we see so often films about a serial killer or a story and its fetishized,” Chastain said while discussing why she joined the project. “You’d see him injecting the bags and I’ve always felt a little dirty watching that stuff.

I don’t wanna celebrate or have the media glorify what happened to another human being. I wanna celebrate humanity, which is why I was excited about this.”Discussing her collaboration with Redmayne, she added: “I’ve always been a big admirer of Eddie and his work, so when this project showed up and Tobias mentioned that he would like Eddie to play Charles it really felt like something that would be special.”Later during the press, Redmayne spoke at length about his process of acting alongside Chastain and the difficulty they found reenacting the methods of real-life medical professionals.“Whenever we did a take, of course, you want to please your director, but then Jo, the nurse who was there every day you’d also be like ‘how’d I do?’ And he’s like ‘Nah, they would’ve died.

That would not have worked.’”The true-crime thriller is directed by Oscar-nominated A War scripter Tobias Lindholm, who also co-wrote the 2020 Danish pic Another Round.

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