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Jeremy Clarkson says he's getting 'sued' after 'trespasser' on farm gets stuck in hole

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Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has had the country in giggles since he decided to take up farming alongside Kaleb Cooper and turn it into a successful Prime Video series.The Clarkson's Farm star has shared the shocking story about a woman who he claimed "trespassed" on his farm, which resulted in her foot getting stuck in a hole and the former Top Gear presenter being sued!Jeremy and Kaleb gave an insight into life on Diddly Squat farm and the upcoming second season of Clarkson's Farm to Ben and Georgie Ainslie on their Performance People podcast.Host Ben spoke about an issue he had with cows, leaving Jeremy to show off his large signs which he is not allowed to put up for insurance reasons.They read "free acupuncture" and "bull in the field (No red trousers)".Jeremy explained: "You can't even put danger in the field because if a bull then attacks somebody and writes danger you are then accepting that you knew it was dangerous."Therefore you're liable.So all you can write is bull in the field and let people make their own minds up."This led Jeremy to talk about a recent incident that happened on the farm that led to him being sued after a lady "trespassed" on his land.He explained: "We had one that other day.That woman who put her croc into...

You lift a gate post out when you open double gates so you can open both gates."We took it out and we were in and out all day long.

And she was trespassing on the farm and somehow she put her foot into this hole and then bruised her leg."It was then 'I'm suing you'.

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