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Jennette McCurdy developed an eating disorder on the set of iCarly

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Gallery: 'I'm a fraud! Oh god, they're on to me! I'm a fraud!'?The stars who suffer from Imposter Syndrome (BANG Showbiz)The 'Sam and Cat' star went on to explain that although she tried speaking to 'iCarly' bosses, she couldn't face the issue head-on and started to feel "mocked" by her own life when fans would "poke fun" at her for the amount of food her character would eat on the show.

She told The Washington Post: "I had some sort of reasoning [when I spoke to producers], like ‘I think there’s so much more to Sam as a character, and I think she goes much deeper than this. ’ But I was not capable of facing the eating disorder for myself so, of course, I wasn’t capable of saying, ‘Hey, I’m actually really struggling with this.

So, can we not?’ "It started to feel like my life was mocking me in every way. They didn’t know what I was struggling with, but it felt like people were just poking directly in every f****** insecurity and every trauma that I had.

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