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Jane Fonda made workout video with 'no money'

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Gallery: 'I'm a fraud! Oh god, they're on to me! I'm a fraud!'?The stars who suffer from Imposter Syndrome (BANG Showbiz)She told Vogue: "I know that the world is full of women who can’t afford to go to a gym or feel self-conscious about being in a gym or can’t go to a gym because they have a young child.

So doing it in the privacy of their home was an answer for that. "I’d like to claim that I’m a brilliant, strategic businesswoman.

If people wanted it, I didn’t know it, [but] I provided it and at a time, it was just perfect. "[Founder of Karl Video Corp. ] Stuart Karl’s wife read my first workout book and said to her husband, 'This could be a video. ' "He was sort of the king of home videos, which didn’t mean much at the time because nobody had a VCR.

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