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Irn Bru 'wanted to report a crime' after 'bulls**t' question on American quiz show

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Irn Bru officials said they wanted to report a crime after two people appeared on a quiz show to answer a question about Scotland's other national drink.

The two contestants appeared on America's morning show Today with Hodda and Jenna The question was: "Often called Scotland's other national drink, Irn Bru is what type of beverage?"The multiple choice answers were A .

Cinnamon Milk, B Whiskey Tea, C. Hard Cider, and D- Citrus Flavoured Soda.One viewer reported the show to Irn Bru saying: @irnbru just now on @HodaAndJenna! (yes, they got it wrong) #scottish @howiemandel."And Irn Bru immediately responded: "Hello 911, we'd like to report a crime."Although no-one was told what the contestants responded, followers online were not impressed at the four answers on offer.Many took offence at the much loved drink being described as citrus with one saying: "Citrus?

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