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Inside 4DX: Meet the Masterminds Making Movie Theater Seats Shake, Spray, Wobble and Roll

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J. Kim Murphy When audience members take their seats to watch “Bullet Train” in a 4DX auditorium this weekend, they will be greeted with a choice.

Within the armrest lies a small button that allows viewers to toggle between two options: “Water On” and “Water Off.” The device serves as a harbinger – and, to 4DX novices, perhaps a warning — of the full-tilt sensory experience that is about to unfold as Brad Pitt fights for his life against an army of opposing assassins.With streaming and other at-home entertainment competing for consumer attention, 4DX employees see the format as an extra incentive to lure audiences to movie theaters.

Korean parent company CJ Group first conceived of the technology as an answer to the question of how to innovate the moviegoing experience and make it more essential in the public’s eyes.

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