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Influencer shows reality behind fitness snaps to get fans to 'respect their bodies'

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Instagram to encourage her followers to respect their bodies.In her latest post Danae Mercer, who goes by @danaemercer online, posted a picture in a new gym set.The body positive babe posted two pictures of her self side by side – one with her stomach hanging over the top of her leggings and one with her visibly toned abs.Alongside it, she uploaded a video of herself sitting down and showing her natural belly.Then to demonstrate how different your body can look while toned and relaxed, she shared more candid snaps with the caption "worthy".In the caption she wrote: " I don’t want you to love your body.

Really?"Really."Because love feels like a huge ask. A massive demand. Like some challenge at the top of an impossible mountain."Especially when we are told from the time we’re little girls about all the things we should hate."But.

I want you to respect it. "Respect your body. "Respect it enough to eat "No matter your body image that morning. "To move in a way that feels good. "Or rest, relax, when it asks for that too. "Respect it enough to treat yourself with grace and kindness. "Even when love feels hard. "And slowly, surely, maybe that love thing it will start to creep in. "Bit by bit. "Day by day. "Growing stronger. "Just like you x."The comments section was flooded with supportive comments from her followers.One person commented: "Thank you beautiful soul!

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