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I'm A Celeb's Charlene White's family cheekily turn on her over refusal to sleep in RV

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The photo was captioned: “Sorry Char but either you sleep in the RV or Hammock or we vote for you to do a trial.”Charlene’s refusal to sleep in the RV sparked complaints from viewers claiming there had been a “rule break” on Charlene’s part.

Gemma wrote on Twitter: “@imacelebrity @antanddec in the past campmates have been penalised if they didn’t obey the rules.“So why has Charlene been allowed to not stay in the RV?!” she asked incredulously. (sic)In view of their 6.8 million followers, Ant and Dec jumped to the ITV star’s defence, explaining that sleeping in the RV was not a requirement.The hosts: “The rules said that only the leader and deputy are allowed to stay in the RV, it didn’t state they HAD to… #ImACeleb.”The presenting duo read comments from viewers, who thought that the newsreader had broken camp rules, on an Instagram Live yesterday. "Why would she not want to sleep in there, it can't just be because of the spider,” Ant said.“Is it because you don't want to sleep next to Matt?

Is that it?""You've got to think of the other people that have to then sleep in a hammock because of your actions and then have a bad back. “Then you've got to look at your actions, don't you?" he added.After reading through comments, Ant jokingly continued: "It is against the rules they said...

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