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'I breastfeed my five-year-old and don't care what trolls say – it's normal'

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READ MORE: Mum awkwardly catches husband masturbating after Bluetooth speaker exposes him The 29-year-old is open and honest about her parenting style on Instagram and is working to remove the stigma surrounding breastfeeding.But Laura, who works as a doula says she has been labelled as 'sick' and an 'abuser' for breastfeeding her son Bowie.The mum of two says she has handed over the decision to stop breastfeeding to her son, and Bowie hasn’t asked to stop yet.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she explained: 'I've been very fortunate to have had a relatively smooth breastfeeding journey with minimal issues along the way, and the benefits outweigh any tough times.

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