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How to Watch the ‘Predator’ Movies in Order

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“Prey” debuting exclusively on the small screen, as a Hulu original.What began as a straightforward, Joel Silver-produced action movie that saw hard-charging commandoes (led by Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles) against a technologically advanced alien hunter in the jungles of South America (snappily written by Jim and John Thomas and directed with aplomb by John McTiernan) has blossomed into a vast network of spin-offs, sequels and ancillary materials.

The world of “Predator” is big, bold and aside from a boneheaded, PG-13-rated spin-off, very bloody.“Prey” is no different.Set in the Comanche Nation in 1917, it follows a young girl named Naru (a star-making turn from Amber Midthunder), who goes up against the alien warrior in one of the species’ first visits to earth.

Of course, Naru turns out to be more of a warrior than the alien creature is expecting and it’s a brutal, bloody fight to the death.But with seven “Predator” movies in total now in existence, is there a way to watch them in chronological order that makes sense?

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