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How Osher Gunsberg's stepdaughter Georgia changed his life

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The Bachelor, but his stepdaughter Georgia sees a very different side of him.WATCH: Osher Günsberg on the 2021 ACCTA Awards Red Carpet with WHOThe cheeky family man has had a special bond with her since he and her mum, Audrey Griffin, first crossed paths and fell in love in 2015.Osher knew from the get-go that Georgia would be a huge part of his relationship with Audrey, who split from her daughter’s father before she was born"Because Georgia was part of the picture we were very considerate and careful around how we would progress [our relationship],” he told The Australian Women’s Weekly in 2020.“Because you're not just dating someone – the stakes are much higher when there is a kid involved."Osher knew Georgia would be a big part of his romance with Audrey.Fortunately, Georgia was a big fan of the TV personality and before long she was as big a part of Osher’s life as Audrey was.In fact, his dad instincts began kicking in long before Georgia, who he affectionately calls G, officially became his stepdaughter."It was very early on that she went from being my girlfriend's kid to the next day being someone that, if she was standing in the road and a bus was coming, I would push her out of the way even if it meant I would die," he says."It was like a switch turned on and my DNA had activated some gene, some expression turned on that was it.

My life is no longer just about me, it just happened."Georgia was more than happy to have Osher as her stepdad.Behind the scenes, Osher struggled with mental health issues in the early 2010s and told The Weekly that Audrey and Georgia were both “very patient” with him.It helped solidify their bond and Georgia was the first person Osher and Audrey told when they got engaged.She also.

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