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Home and Away newcomer Marty star's life - past TV fame, secret career and family life

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Home and Away star Ben Wood, 43, has been wrapped up in difficulties with his character Marty - but his life is the polar opposite of the controversial TV character.Marty is the ringleader of the biker gang on Summer Bay and the group have a vengeance on the Parata family after Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) stole a lump sum of money from the gang in an armed robbery a decade ago.READ MORE: Home and Away's Xavier star now - 'left for dead' in motorcycle smash to co-star dadHowever, following the death of Ari, Marty and Tex (Lucas Linehan) focus on Tane (Ethan Browne).The gang told him that he would need to pay the money owed to them with interest - but instead decided to use the gym owned by Tane to launder money, and Tane is trying to expose their dodgy dealings.As Tane attempted to expose them in a stake-out, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) ran into the compound alongside the police and chased Marty on foot.The pair ended up in a gun battle and Marty shot Cash prompting him to retaliate and ultimately shooting Marty dead.As Marty meets a tragic end, Daily Star looks into actor Ben Wood's life.Ben Wood has built up quite an impressive career over the years, with acting credits dating back to 2004 on a short film titled Hold It!

His first recurring role was on All Saints from 2006-2009 and also joined TV series titled Doctor Doctor from 2016-2017. While working on a lot of short films and TV shows, his most recent TV stint has been on Home and Away as Marty.With countless acting credits the star is well-versed in the TV world and his career is only expanding as his credits grow.

Aside from his TV fame Ben is also a Sports Event Manager at Great Big Events which is described as a "strategic and creative agency partner".

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