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High blood pressure: Five warning signs to watch out for before it’s too late

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READ MORE: Five ways to reduce risk of high cholesterol – which has no visible symptomsOf course, it is best to keep checking and to go to your GP immediately if your blood pressure is on the high side, even if you feel fine and don’t have any symptoms as by the time you develop symptoms, it might already be too late.Even so, should you notice any of these five symptoms, you must seek treatment as soon as possible before your blood pressure causes even further, more serious damage to your body.One of the first signs of high blood pressure to look out for is a sudden increase in headaches.

Having a headache from time to time is normal, but when headaches occur weekly or daily, you may want to see your doctor about it.If you’re feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep, or you experience occasional dizziness, this might be a result of having high blood pressure.

It’s a sign that not enough oxygen is getting around your body, or your blood may be contaminated by toxins as a result of kidney failure caused by hypertension.People with high blood pressure can notice a loss of vision due to damaged blood vessels in their eyes, meaning not enough blood is flowing to their retinas.

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