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Helpless puppies with cropped ears found in semi-comatose state as cruel abusers jailed

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puppies were found in a semi-comatose state after three men illegally and callously cropped their ears.Alexander David Johnson, Ryan Woodward and Michael Nolan have been jailed on animal abuse charges for their roles in disfiguring three young dogs.

The men were found with six puppies by Staffordshire Police, along with a bag of syringes, surgical scissors and an empty bottle of ketamine among other veterinary items on November 10, 2020.READ MORE: Stray dog visited car dealership every day until he got adopted – and still works there The three bully-type puppies with cropped ears were still in a semi-comatose state from anaesthesia given to them before the cruel procedure, the Mirror reports.

The police contacted the RSPCA, which took on the investigation. Alexander David Johnson, of Elmsmere Road, Abbey Hulton, Stoke-on-Trent, faced one charge of carrying out the cropping of ears on three puppies.Ryan Woodward, of Forrest Court, Union Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, faced one offence that he did aid, abet, counsel or procure Alexander David Johnson to carry out a prohibited procedure of cropping the ears of three puppies.Michael Nolan, of Victoria Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, faced one offence in that he was responsible for a puppy and another person carried out a prohibited procedure namely the cropping of ears on the animal - and that he permitted that to happen or failed to take such steps to stop it.All three men pleaded guilty and sentencing took place on Wednesday.At sentencing, Johnson was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £775 costs.

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