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Heinz unveils plans to create new ketchup bottle made from paper in bid to become more environmentally friendly

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Heinz has unveiled plans to create a brand new ketchup bottle made from paper, in hopes of becoming the first ever condiment brand to have completely renewable packaging.

The announcement comes as the parent company Kraft Heinz said it is exploring “the ketchup bottle of tomorrow” as it looks to the future and will be teaming up with Cambridge-based sustainable packaging company Pulpex to bring the creation to life.

Pulpex, which brands itself as “the future of sustainable packaging", uses wood pulp to create its recyclable containers. On the Pulpex’s website it says the paper-based packaging has a carbon footprint that is 90 per cent lower than glass and 30 per cent less than the commonly used PET plastic. READ MORE: Two major supermarkets work out cheaper than Aldi and Lidl for products we all use Pulpex says it is currently developing paper-based packaging that can hold carbonated and hot products and has already partnered with the likes of PepsiCo and Unilever to develop prototype bottles for soft drinks and detergent, according to Birmingham Live, which if rolled out Pulpex says: “could change the face of packaging as we know it”.

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