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Get an Amazon Alexa smart speaker for under £10 with amazing new deal - here's how

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Amazon is now selling its Alexa smart speaker at the lowest price ever.The Amazon Echo Flex has had 60% of its price slashed, meaning it can now be bought from Amazon for £9.99.For the price of two London pints you can hook your home up to the smart speaker, which is voice-controlled and can play your favourite music, order you pizza, make phone calls, or read you audiobooks out loud.You could even buy multiple units for that price and set Alexa up throughout your home.

The smart speaker can be bought from Amazon using this link. (£9.99 down from £24.99)It is about the size of a plug socket so it will take up no space at all, and it can even be plugged into another speaker for better, louder audio quality.Alexa speakers can help you manage your daily routine, set alarms for you, create to-do lists, and even be used as an intercom system—perfect if you want to tell everyone that dinner is ready.

Despite their usefulness, Amazon Alexa speakers have been criticised in the past for being 'intrusive' and listening to people in order to tailor adverts to them.Last year, parents were warned to check the privacy settings on Alexa speakers targeted at kids, as they may be able to collect a worrying amount of information about users.Researchers at Mozilla found that 'Kids Edition' Echo Dot speakers and Fire tablets can find out users' names, date of birth, and more.A spokesperson for Amazon at the time said: "We have strict measures in place for Echo Dot Kids, including requiring permission from parents before enabling the Amazon Kids experience, and provide parental controls.""Alexa skills for kids cannot include advertising, collect any personal information, or include content not suitable for all ages.".

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