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Future WWE star hunted down by police just months after signing contract

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WWE wrestler has been hunted down and arrested by police just months after signing for the sports entertainment giants.AJ Ferrari joined the company as part of its Next In Line programme in December last year, but went on the run after being accused of sexual assault on July 2.

He was then subjected to a restraining order from an unnamed woman on July 5, before being arrested just over a week later on July 13.READ MORE: WWE star champion Liv Morgan says Brit fans are 'so vulgar' - but she loves itDuring that time, he was sacked from the Oklahoma State Wrestling team, which a source told local news was an “accumulation” of issues.A warrant for his arrest was issued, with a £20,000 bond set.

Ferrari’s lawyer Derek Chance said: “It is unfortunate that a student athlete can become a target, primarily because of their status as an elite athlete.“AJ is cooperating with law enforcement and is confident the truth will come out.“He appreciated his time at Oklahoma State, but he and the university mutually agreed a change was appropriate.”Ferarri was signed for his athletic ability, rather than wrestling skills, which was part of a short-term change in hiring policy started by now-ex WWE boss Vince McMahon last year.While the programme continues, the policy behind it reverted back to include the hiring of independent wrestlers at the behest of former WWE legend HHH who is now in charge of those decisions.Texas-born Ferrari won the 197-pound national title as a freshman at the 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships.He has a win record of 30-1 in the NCAA, but a 0-2 loss record for senior freestyle matches, including the 2020 US Olympic team trials.

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