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Football's funniest trophy parades - drunken Grealish, X-rated chants and celery

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As football fans, you will rarely get a moment as thrilling and happy as when your team wins a trophy. The culmination of a year's work, a lifetime of support and all the heartbreak and emotion that comes with football.With a trophy usually comes a victory parade, allowing the players to take the weight off their shoulders, loosen up and head on a tour of the city.Thousands of fans line the streets to welcome them, but the relaxed atmosphere often results in a player saying or doing something he shouldn't.That was no different as Man City's title-winning squad hit the tiles, as Jack Grealish seized the headlines with some boozed-up antics.Here, we take a look back at five of the most unique and hilarious moments from celebratory parades.We start with the most recent incident, which took place on Monday as Manchester City players and staff celebrated retaining their Premier League crown.Everyone was in party mode - including £100m superstar Jack Grealish, who revelled in the celebrations all while looking a tad tipsy.Speaking on the open-top bus parade through Manchester, with a voice that could have been easily mistaken for Sean Dyche’s, the former Villa captain said: “The main person that I want to thank is Bernardo Silva for coming off in the 70th minute because he was miles off it yesterday.” As the tour of Manchester concluded, the City players were then called onto a stage one by one to receive applause from the admiring City supporters – and Grealish couldn’t resist the limelight on that occasion too.

The former Villa star danced onto the stage, bouncing to the beat of the background music, with a bottle of beer in one hand and a vodka and coke in the other.

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