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Florida Senior Uses “Curly Hair” as Euphemism for “Gay” in Graduation Speech

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threatening to cut his microphone if he mentioned his sexual orientation during his graduation speech was able to deliver his preferred speech by using “curly hair” as a euphemism for “gay.”Zander Moricz, the senior class president at Pine View School in Osprey, Florida, and the youngest public plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law, has long been an LGBTQ activist since coming out as gay.

Since passage of the law two months ago, Moricz has claimed that teachers have preemptively sought to censor his freedom of expression, saying they will no longer allow him to speak about LGBTQ issues and cannot acknowledge his sexual orientation in class (even if he raises it without prompting).Moricz claimed in a statement posted to Twitter earlier this month that the principal of Pine View School warned him that he was unable to talk about his sexual orientation, his past activism, or his role as a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

He also claimed that the principal had previously threatened to discipline him when he was organizing a student walkout designed to protest passage of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which was ultimately signed into law by Republican Gov.

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