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Fitness blogger shares tips to lose weight fast and build muscle at same time

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READ MORE: Fit gran, 64, wows in post-workout snap as she flexes toned body in gym gear Lauren Wood, who has over 74,100 Instagram followers, explained how it can take just one thing to achieve a healthy weight loss.

Posting to her fans on Sunday evening, the Brit wrote: "Want to know how to lose fat? "It's all down to one single thing: Calorie deficit."She claimed fad diets, like keto, are just ways of lowering your daily calorie intake to make you be in a deficit.

Lauren added: "Guys, you do not have to cut out food groups to lose fat. I cannot stress this enough! "Stop letting social media make you think that carbs and fats should be avoided." The fitness guru said it's important to hit your protein, fats and carbs as you shouldn't "neglect any of your macros".And when it comes to training, Lauren emphasised: "Lift those weights."Another misconception is that to lose fat we must endure hours of cardio a week."It's been scientifically proven that weight lifting is the best type of exercise for fat loss! "When you weight train, you're building muscle which speeds up metabolism and means your BMR will be increasing = more food."In her final point, Lauren concluded: "Doing cardio is just a way of increasing your calorie expenditure."Being in a deficit is definitely going to be the main task for most people. "Once you have found those foods and meals you enjoy, you're set and you'll find it a breeze."P.S.

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