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Every type of female orgasm explained – and how to achieve them all

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told Yahoo! Life, enjoyable sex doesn't always have to be about the orgasm. Petra Boynton said: “If you never experience orgasm – and, crucially, this does not trouble you – then nobody should be making you feel like you have a problem."If you experience pleasure, connect with your partner and feel satisfied, then it is not for anyone else to dictate that you should change that.”But if you're someone who has never had an orgasm, but really wants to get there, there are various ways you can take control of the situation.Sexpert Tracey Cox added: “The single most important thing you can do is give yourself the same clitoral stimulation you use when pleasing yourself.”The G-spot and the clitoris aren't the only main pleasure points, as there are additional areas inside the vagina that can stimulate what's considered a "deep vaginal orgasm."If the area is touched the right way the pleasure point can send your senses tingling.To begin there is the A-spot, which is positioned at the high front wall of the vagina.

You also have the O-spot (for orgasm), which is located on the back wall of the vagina, nearly behind the cervix.Here you'll find ligaments that are really sensitive.

If you're having sex, or masturbating, and the vagina is filled enough at the high end of it then the nerves can be stimulated.This can lead to an incredibly pleasurable sensation and can even cause to the whole uterus to start contracting.

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