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Eurovision fans slam Spain over VERY racy performance in sexy thong as singer Chanel twerks on stage

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EUROVISION viewers have slammed Spain for singer Chanel baring all in a sexy thong as she twerked on stage. Spain has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, since first appearing in 1961.

And fans are convinced they're hoping to take the crown tonight after Chanel stripped on stage. Some reacted with fury, while others were delighted by the sexy sight.

One said: "Why are the Spanish women wearing thongs on stage, though? Trying to get cheap votes from horny men :S. Have some self-respect bro." .css-16e4f55{margin:16px 0;}.css-1czxmma{background-color:rgba(252,239,255,1);margin:16px 0;}.css-1tapza8{padding:20px 15px;}.css-1bk4jdt{padding:20px.

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