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Emmerdale’s Mack mystery partner ‘confirmed’ – threesome twist and ‘not a woman’

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Emmerdale fans have been left baffled over the true identity of Mackenzie Boyd’s mystery woman since he was spotted in bed with someone who definitely wasn’t Charity Dingle.Mack later confessed his sins to Nate, who kept dropping hints to Charity that she might not be able to fully trust her partner after they lost their baby.Charity suffered an ectopic pregnancy, leaving Mack devastated – and fans now think whoever he slept with will turn up pregnant, causing a further rift between him and Charity.READ MORE: Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker squeezes into tiniest shorts yet as she shares workout snapsBut who is his mystery partner?

From an Aaron Dingle return twist to a cheeky threesome, we take a deep dive…Chas Dingle might be busy engaged in an affair of her own with Al Chapman, leaving her husband Paddy in the dark, but fans think she might just be distraught enough by her mum's illness to try it on with multiple men at once.One clue has led them to think that Chas could have hooked up with Mack, as he received a message from a mystery number which read: “Need to see you.”He was left panicked when they called his phone, yelling: “Why are you hassling me?

No, we don’t need to talk about it. We need to forget about it, and when we see each other at the Woolly, we need to act like it never happened.”It makes sense then that the mystery woman already had Mack’s number, and The Woolpack mention means it’s someone who regularly pops in.It makes sense that Chas could be linked to Mack, given that she lives at the pub and may need to contact Mack about work.Taking to Twitter, one eagle-eyed fan said: “Omg I’m thinking it was Chas now!”Another echoed: “What if Mack really did sleep with Chas?” as a third viewer said: “Could be Chas.

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