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EastEnders' Katie Jarvis 'ruined the life' of the victim of her racist abuse

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EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis has "ruined" Michelle Antonio's life, the devastated mum has claimed.Michelle, 49, claims she has since become too stressed to work and is suffering from panic attacks and flashbacks to the racial abuse she endured as a child.During a day out in July 2020, Michelle visited a cafe in Southend, Essex, just two months after the murder of George Floyd in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement.Michelle and Katie came to blows when the 30-year-old actress who played Hayley Slater branded Michelle a "black c**t," before exclaiming "black lives don't matter", before explaining "I'm a celebrity".

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the single mum said: "How can racism like this still be going on in the 2020s? You think things have changed, but nothing has."Michelle from West London says she is now seeking therapy, has since left her job as a college assistant, demanding an apology from Katie and believes she received a "slap on the wrist".She has also called on TV bosses and believes Katie mustn't appear on television again.Katie faced being jailed for six months but was subsequently handed a two-year community order but Michelle feels as though she has been "wasting her time".Katie admitted to racially-aggravated harassment of Michelle and common assault on a club bouncer she spat at two hours later.At the time of their incident, Michelle and her family were sat outside an eatery when Katie and her two pals approached.She told the publication: "Katie shouted 'black lives don't matter, I'm a celebrity – on and on and on, she called me and my daughter black c***s."I was so shaken up and angry, frustrated, upset, embarrassed.

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