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Ruth Langsford (born 17 March 1960 in Singapore) is an English television presenter of shows such as This Morning, Gift Wrapped and How the Other Half Lives. Langsford is an anchor on ITV's lunchtime chat show Loose Women and presents Ruth Langsford's Fashion Edit on QVC. She took part in the fifteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, where she came ninth. She is currently the longest serving female presenter of This Morning. Ruth currently is more frequently known for her exclusive fashion collection, for British fashion label QVC. After being approached to curate a collection, Langsford signed a multi million pound endorsement deal that spawned 19 sellout collections; 18 of which debuted at London Fashion Week Women’s Collection.
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Eamonn Holmes' director attempts 'clever tricks' to hide how much he's 'struggling'

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Eamonn Holmes, 62, after he was struck down with chronic pain, and the agonising back problem caused by a trapped sciatic nerve has left him struggling to walk.

It's gotten so bad that the TV star revealed the director of his latest project for the BBC had to implement clever on-air tricks to hide from viewers how much it's affecting him.In a new interview, the This Morning legend admitted his outlook has turned increasingly grumpy at home due to the constant pain he's in."I can’t bend down to pick things up so Ruth [Langsford] ends up having to wait on me, and I know my sons particularly are a bit embarrassed by the way I move around," he said."I had to stop driving and sold my car back to the dealer too, which felt quite emasculating, and I have to use a hook to pull my trousers up when I’m getting dressed in the morning and something else to get my shoes and socks on."It just makes everything so much harder."He went on to explain: "I’ve just finished filming a food programme for the BBC called Farm To Feast, and the director had to do all sorts of clever tricks just to hide how much I’m struggling."But I’m having treatment with an amazing trainer called James who comes around and puts me through all sorts of weird and wonderful procedures just to get me moving in the mornings."Eamonn, who also revealed he takes Tramadol to try and relieve the severe pain, felt confident James could help him, as he has worked with Premier League footballers."I must be a fresh challenge," he joked."He’s got me having ice baths, exercises, and for a short while after he’s finished I feel like I can walk again — but then unfortunately it seizes up again."It’s slow progress, and part of the problem is you feel like you have to hide it all.

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This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has taken to Twitter to hit back at criticism over his new GB News show, which he co-hosts with Isabel Webster.The TV journalist, 62, was quick to respond to a social media user who had pointed out a "problem" with the star's new breakfast show.In view of his one million followers, the husband of Ruth Langsford fired back at the swipe over his new show and insisted he doesn't have "much of an orientation" in terms of his political views.Eamonn wrote: "Couldn't put it better myself."Outside #ManUtd I don't have much of an orientation."I'm there to serve you breakfast."I just want to make it as pleasant as possible for you," he ended the tweet alongside a smiling face emoji.The broadcaster was responding to a social media user who took issue with the "political orientation" of GB News.John Carpenter commented on one of Eamonn's posts: "The problem is Eamonn, that however much a viewer may like you as a presenter, they may not like the political orientation of GB News."However, a fan of the programme soon hit back, urging the Twitter user to "open their mind".Twitter user Mark replied: "There is no political agenda on the morning show it's light and fun."Stop being told what to think and open your mind."Last night, Eamonn urged his followers to tune into his new show.Posting a snap of himself and Isabel, Eamonn wrote: "Just a reminder .... it's all change on the Breakfast viewing and listening front."I hope Isabel and I will become your new go to Breakfast Show on Radio & Telly ."We are back in the morning on #GBNews from 6 - 9.30 am."All we need is YOU.....