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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon FRIBA (born 19 June 1964) is a British politician, writer, and former journalist serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019. He was Foreign Secretary from 2016 to 2018 and Mayor of London from 2008 to 2016. Johnson was Member of Parliament for Henley from 2001 to 2008 and has been MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015. Ideologically, Johnson identifies as a one-nation conservative.
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Downing Street 'wine time Fridays' revealed with Boris Johnson under increasing pressure

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Boris Johnson was last night under increasing pressure over No 10 lockdown parties as more ­revelations of boozy gatherings in the pandemic came to light.

Downing Street staff held “wine time Fridays” which the PM regularly witnessed. Sources told our sister paper the Mirror he encouraged aides to “let off steam,” despite indoor socialising being banned under his Covid rules.

Calls for Johnson to quit over the parties scandal grew last night, as Labour surged ahead in polls. The wine event was so popular workers even invested in a £142 drinks fridge to keep their bottles of white wine, prosecco and beer cool.A picture has emerged of it being delivered through the back door of Downing Street on December 11, 2020.

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Boris Johnson - When and where you can stop wearing face masks - as England Covid rules end tomorrow -
When and where you can stop wearing face masks - as England Covid rules end tomorrow
coronavirus.Covid-19 began spreading rapidly once the new Omicron variant emerged.In early January, cases soared past the 200,000 mark despite Plan B restrictions that were put in place in England.Thankfully, although they are still high, the number of confirmed cases are much lower than they were at the beginning of the year.They are now down to 88,447 as of January 25, up from the previous day's figure of 78,317.Boris Johnson and his Cabinet are hoping this means the variant has now peaked, while some experts feel the changes still present a risk.As a result, restrictions that have affected when we wear a face mask and the way we act in shops, nightclubs and other public places are being lifted.So what are the changes?As the clock ticks down on Plan B restrictions, people can legally stop wearing them in public indoor spaces from Thursday January 27; Plan B expires the day before.The Prime Minister has already announced they no longer had to be worn inside the classroom by secondary school pupils and staff, but now people do not have to wear them in indoor public places if they so choose.People can still wear masks if they want to.Johnson said they now hope to be able to allow Plan B measures to expire and move to 'Plan A' Covid rules.The PM said: "The Cabinet concluded that because of the extraordinary booster campaign together with the way the public have responded to the Plan B measures - we can return to Plan A in England and allow Plan B regulations to expire."This means the end of NHS Covid passes needed for large venues and work-from-home guidance has already been scrapped.Venues can choose to enforce the use of Covid passes on entry to their venue if they wish to do so.People will be able to visit care homes
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Piers Morgan hints he has something in store for Boris Johnson ahead of Morning TV return
Piers Morgan, 56, will appear on BBC One’s Sunday Morning show with Sophie Raworth tomorrow at 9am.The former Good Morning Britain presenter has hinted that he has something in store for Boris Johnson, asking him to tune into the broadcast.Tweeting out to his 7.9 million followers, Piers quipped about coming out of his “enforced retirement”. He wrote: “UPDATE: It’s been a quiet news week, so I thought I’d come out of (enforced) breakfast show retirement and do the paper review on BBC1’s new Sunday Morning show with @sophieraworth.”“Tune in from 9am… especially you, Prime Minister @BorisJohnson,” he added somewhat cryptically. Piers’ followers had a mixed reaction to the post, with some eagerly anticipating his return, while others seemed unimpressed by the journalist. “Something big is coming isn't it please say yes,” Maggie1152 speculated.“Not expecting something big to come up in time for this are we?” asked TheMrAlex6.“Oh please bring up Johnson isolating (hiding from the public) when he doesn't need to,” Anne Milne pleaded. “Oh what a nice little Sunday morning treat, don’t hold back I’ve missed you honest opinions and saying how it is!” wrote Nikki Middleton.“Oh exciting, hope you give Boris a good grilling be it a review,” added Steve Gale.“Me too, so miss Piers on TV, love him or hate him..he always delivers a controversial debate,” mused Sara Nicholls. Meanwhile, others weren’t interested, including Minesawater who wrote: “Nah, you’re alright, mate. I’d rather watch a few episodes of Mrs Brown’s boys.”“I look forward to you flouncing off set again,” Paul C added in reference to the moment Piers left Good Morning Britain after being called out on his comments against Meghan Markle.
prince Philip - Elizabeth Ii II (Ii) - Alex Beresford - Royal Family - Queen Elizabeth Ii - 'She needs peace' Alex Beresford slams Downing Street as Queen ‘is done with apologies' - express - Britain
'She needs peace' Alex Beresford slams Downing Street as Queen ‘is done with apologies'
Queen earlier today.The Good Morning Britain weather presenter shared his thoughts on the news as he argued she “needed peace”.This comes amid Number 10 issuing an apology to the Queen over a party on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral.As many will remember, the Queen was forced to mourn in an isolated seat at the service.This was down to very strict restrictions regarding Covid in place at the time in April 2021.However, last night, it emerged two Covid-rule breaking parties reportedly took place on the day before the funeral.These were thought to be held at Downing Street, with one already confirmed by James Slack.He was the Prime Minister’s former director of communications and he has now apologised for attending.According to the Daily Telegraph, the event had been held to mark his departure from his role.Now Number 10 has apologised to Buckingham Palace over the event.They said: "It's deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning and Number 10 has apologised to the Palace.""You heard from the PM this week, he's recognised No 10 should be held to the highest standards and take responsibility for things we did not get right."Buckingham Palace has declined comment over the apology.Reacting to the news, Alex tweeted: “Thanks, but I’d imagine the Queen is done with apologies for this week.“Her Majesty needs a moment of peace.”Many of the meteorologist’s followers have reacted to his tweet with their own opinions on the incident.@Carole__Moyes wrote: “I sincerely hope #BuckinghamPalace does not accept their apology.“What they actually mean is 'Its deeply regrettable that this was discovered to have taken place....'” (sic)@chrispettican added: “The Queen needs to take advantage of her position and