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Disney World visitors get stuck on ride as holidaymakers ‘sat there for about an hour'

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Disney World visitor shared the nightmarish moment they got stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride for almost an hour after the attraction broke down in a TikTok video.

The incident was described as "torture" as the group of adults were stuck on the ride for around 45 minutes as the puppets of children from different countries continued to sing.TikTok user @Hazeysmom22 shared a clip of the boat grinding to a halt along the indoor river with the trending sound 'Oh no!' by Kreepa playing over the top. READ MORE: Disney World disaster as two families have ugly brawl - leaving one man in hospitalThe video, which has gained more than 200 likes, was captioned: "We were stuck for over an hour, the torture!

This boat said it was NOT a small world.”In the comments, the visitor added: "[Park staff] didn’t realise for like 45 mins, everyone was stuck on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!!”However, TikTok users were divided on the incident as some were horrified but others seemed to find the situation amusing.

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