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Cuba Could Expand LGBTQ Rights in September Referendum

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The Cuban government has opened a path towards expanding the rights of LGBTQ citizens in the Communist nation.On Friday, the country’s National Assembly approved a slate of updates to its Family Codes that will, among other things, legalize same-sex marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children.

The fate of these Family Code updates, however, is ultimately in the hands of the Cuban people, who will determine whether to approve the changes in a Sept.

25 referendum, reports Al Jazeera.The changes to the Family Codes will not only legalize same-sex marriage and adoption, but promote equal sharing of domestic responsibilities, and allow same-sex couples to enter into prenuptial agreements and pursue surrogacy when trying to form families.For the past several months, Cuban government officials have been attempting to provide more information on the updates and generate support for them through a lengthy series of public town hall meetings, reports NBC News.

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